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Millenial, Raw, Functional - Warehouse-cum-Office space for a thriving B2B brand, that embodies its millennial nature with a pronounced emphasis on its products and innovation.


Facade + Interiors


Etobicoke, Canada


The Smoke Arsenal HQ Building at Etobicoke, Ontario has been reimagined to enunciate the brand’s strong identity, in which cosmetic remodelling of it’s North-East face plays a significant role. This face receives reflected indirect soft light through majority of the day and nests cabins wherein we intend to maximise the flow of natural light. Consequently, the facade features performance grade, full heighted glass as one its core materials to harness sunlight. The dominant element in the facade however, is a Concrete-Antharacite mix, that lends a smoky effect to the building in coherence with the brand’s character.

A Corton Steel Jaali Installation has been precariously fashioned to serve as a landscape feature for the facade, as well as a Privacy screen for the cabins - with its solid face at the eye level preventing an unrestricted peek inside and its selective perforations enabling adequate flow of light to the cabins, thereby retaining the perks of glass windows and eliminating their drawback. Catering to both- utilitarian and aesthetic requirements- the jaali installation creates an impactful first impression by adding depth to an otherwise flat running facade. The bold and brutal stance of the building is softened by incorporating vibrant metal pipes throughout the jaali facade. In addition to the brand colours, the pipes use a Bob Marley Palette to increase resonance with the brand ethos.

All the furniture for this space is modular and custom designed - a blend of minimal sensibilities and maximum functionality; has been manufactured in-house at the Logic Workshop in India and shipped directly to the client site at Canada. 





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