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Dream. Believe. Build.

Logic is a Bespoke Architecture & Interior Design atelier, specialised in Design & Build services across Lifestyle, Work, Community, and Health.


Founded in 2016, the practice thrives on the artistry of crafting personalised spatial experiences that transcend the ordinary — from complex structures to the finest details of furniture, fixtures, lighting and decor, down to the last stitch in the cushion, all woven together seamlessly in the cutting-edge workshop ‘The Home of Logic.’

We weave cohesive and holistic spatial experiences where the indoors and outdoors are tuned in sync to a natural rhythm.

In our designs, Light and Air are constant catalysts in giving a wholesome quality to spatial experiences.

We embrace technology to create future-fit designs that evolve with the needs of the user.

Our BIM working methodology and conscientious design approach, together with continual research and experimentation, form the backbone of our practice.

All our design works, across architecture, interiors and products, are conceived with a lucid intent, original thinking, creative breadth, and a thorough rationale.

Being an Architect, is both a privilege and a responsibility as our work directly or indirectly impacts a vast multitude of people. While we design and build environs responding to an immediate local context – of time, space, geography and culture; we are adding to the very fabric of social and cultural identity of a larger context. One that steers evolution in the long-run. Each of our designs is marked by this understanding at the granular level. 

Here, at Logic, every decision has to hold meaning. Design emerges from an empathic process – where every decision is an outcome of a pragmatic evaluation. It has to be Logical and reasonable. Is it solving the right problem? Is it simple and intuitive? Would it save costs? Would it help conserve energy? Is it long-lasting? Would it make our clients happy? Would it prove worthwhile over the years? We go over and over till the soul of the space is tied with meaning and purpose. Till it is balanced and equitable.

Just as we are the sum total of our experiences, the personality of a space, is influenced and shaped by its design journey, by the many-many tiny details and decisions that help mould the space. It carries within it, responses to innumerable whys and what’s, that give it identity. It’s a highly synergistic relationship, where we influence our spaces and thereafter, they shape our experiences, our lifestyle, and eventually our being. 

Modern Sustainability as a new concept is understood and misunderstood vastly. Sustainable use of natural resources is only but one aspect of a conscientious approach towards building healthy and productive environments. We believe that architecture and design must first be people-centric in order to be most sustainable. It must aspire to curb the incessant greed to build more for oneself, by offering the highest degree of contentment with the ONE solution. To sustain, is after all, the ability to continue over a long period of time. 

We don’t design spaces. We design lifestyles.


its more about how you interact with a space and what unique dialogue the space engages you in.


Besides appearances, good design is about how it functions and what it makes you feel.


It speaks to you directly and looks after you for ages. Which is why we create experiences that are simple, yet pleasurable; honest, yet brimming with an intimate quality shared and felt by you discreetly. 

We go beyond fleeting trends, valuing longevity and robustness, to drive rich appealing positive experiences.

Good Design is one that is conceived with you at the fulcrum. That is beautiful, because it’s authentic, unique, and genuine. 

We are transparent, attentive to every last detail and deeply passionate about our work.


Our integrity is unwavering.


We don’t conform to a particular style of design but instead borrow inspiration from every design school and epoch, be it the romanticism of 18th century France or the whimsicality of Postmodernism; the balance, delicacy and ornamentation in colossal Mughal Architecture style or the minimalist, unconventional, inventive echo of contemporary.  


We respect traditional but are rather radical in our approach.

With a powerhouse of cutting-edge machinery and technology at our immediate disposal, we never miss a chance to employ avant-garde ideas in our solutions.


We allow conventional materials to play together in exciting new ways.


Challenges excite us and we thrive on creating designs that make both, functional and aesthetic sense. 

The premise of our practice is to associate spaces with a sense of pride & high-value for the user.

To design buildings and environments that are synonymous with joy and gratification.

Your spaces should feel like the best version of yourself; an architectural embodiment of your beliefs, values and aspirations;

a part of you - whether you’re a homeowner, a brand, an institution, or an urban structure. 

Good Tech is a superpower!

Invent, Prototype, Test, Produce

“We love designing spaces; delving and dwelling in the realm of endless possibilities.”

We enjoy the collaborative process of shaping the physical setting for life, and prioritise high-quality design opportunities over a large quantum of work, with a strong commitment to personalized attention and service throughout the course of each project. 

Experimentation and research is an ongoing part of our practice as we continually explore fresh new materials, finishes, technologies and methodologies to adopt in our projects.

We work in a cross-collaborative environment with teams both, external and in-house, each carrying expertise in an array of specialised jobs.

Leveraging a strong, comprehensive and extensive network of associations and partnerships with industry leaders, manufactures, suppliers and vendors across the realm of Architecture and Interior Design, helps us cater to diverse client programs.

We work very closely with the client to create space identities in resonance with the given brief.  Every project is unique, in where it comes from, what it seeks to establish and who it serves. Every completed space narrates a unique story of how it came into being, what it witnessed, what shaped its character and what built its personality.

At Logic, we love this novelty and look forward to creating beautiful stories within spaces.

Leveraging the power of visualisation, to materialise better.

We work in a BIM (Building Information Modelling) environment - a completely three-dimensional work methodology

Rather than creating drawings for design representation, we create intelligent digital models of the design itself carrying elaborate constructive database, which in turn helps to design, plan and manage projects more efficiently, through every phase of development.

Creating true-to-scale and true-to-form 3D Visualisations of every design proposal is part of our process at the Studio and an exercise that we swear by, for its immense potential to not just communicate and ideate, way before the project goes into construction phase; but also, to focus and stay on track during the course of its execution.

Besides, the clients absolutely love to navigate and experience their spaces in 3D walkthroughs before they’ve actually come to life.

“We love the fact that with spaces, reality can be bent before it starts to exist.”

Registered with the Council of Architecture (No- CA/2017/86140), Ar. Anuj Kapoor is the Principial Architect, Founder and the vision behind Logic. 

While pursuing B.Arch from Vastu Kala Academy, Delhi, he got the opportunity to work with multiple prestigious firms across Europe and India - Studio Fuksas (Rome), Taller Basico (Pamplona), Dipen Gada (Gujarat), Avenier Cornejo (France), to name a few. Having worked with Sanzpont at Barcelona (Spain) for a brief while, he went on to pursue Masters in Urban Vision and Architectural Design from Domus Academy (Milan) and returned to India to set up his own practice in 2016, quite early in his career.

He strongly believes that spatial design should be more inclusive of a broad spectrum of technologies, to craft emotional experiences that go beyond basic visual stimulation, for a deeper sensory indulgence that’s a blend of tactile, auditory, olfactory or kinaesthetic. He aims to perpetually contribute to social transformation, by implementing ideas for better lifestyles of individuals, holistic well-being of communities and radical emergence of cultures, through the language of design and architecture. 

In his own words:

“I believe that good architecture invites the user to use it the way it intends to be used, on every level. Architecture directs lifestyles, quite directly and so it is imperative for design to be inherently mindful to this cause. It should be thought of, not as an addition to nature but an extension of it, wherever possible”.

“People rarely succeed unless they are having fun in what they are doing.”


We are constantly nurturing a fair ecosystem that priorities open communication, mutual respect and individual well-being over everything else; so people can work to the best of their capabilities and creative skills.

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