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Welcome to The Home of Logic : The beating heart of creativity, experimentation, craftsmanship and innovation at Logic.


The bridge between imagination and realization, in our world of bespoke design, our workshop is more than a physical space—it's a dynamic force that aids us in turning visions into tangible realities. Here, we’ve prototyped & produced over 700+ precision-crafted products including bespoke furniture pieces, storage solutions, unique lighting elements and a diverse array of accessories.

It's a space where ideas are not confined to paper but are brought to life through hands-on experimentation and skilled craftsmanship. This is where most of our design dreams take shape and materialise.

A collaborative space where artists, architects, and craftsmen converge.

..each contributing their unique brushstroke to the canvas of creation. The synergy of disciplines propels us beyond the ordinary, shaping spaces that breathe authenticity and innovation. This collaboration is our strength, turning abstract concepts into tangible forms as expressions of individual lifestyles - from complex furniture pieces to intricate architectural details.

A Nexus of Creativity, Craftsmanship & Technology

The Home of Logic is where challenges are met with creative solutions. This is made possible with a hands-on approach blending traditional craftsmanship with our cutting-edge arsenal of modern technology, that includes a powerful 5 Axis CNC machine and the use of BIM, amongst others.

The workshop's role extends beyond the construction phase; it's a continuous dialogue between design intent and tangible outcomes.

Perfection : A Relentless pursuit

Our Workshop, a catalyst for excellence, serves as an Enabler for us to overcome challenges and navigate the journey of achieving perfection in Design. Our obsessive attention to detail means confronting hurdles is inevitable, but with each challenge, we refine our approach, ensuring every element of design meets our exacting standards.

From bespoke furniture to nuanced architectural elements, every detail is an opportunity for innovation. And hence, we strive for excellence in every detail, no matter how small, ensuring that our projects bear the signature of refinement and exclusivity. The significance of the workshop becomes evident in the execution of projects like the Aanandam residence, where we’ve brought forth the envisioned quality with unwavering precision in a completely bespoke environment.

At The Home of Logic, the concept of human-centric design is at the forefront of every creative endeavour


We invite you to explore the essence of Logic through the lens of our workshop, where every detail tells a story of passion and precision.


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