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Amalgamating Nature & Architecture - A hybrid community office for the post COVID world that provides a contemporary way of living, working and engaging with the community.


Architecture + Interiors




Concept: ‘living AND working’ in a safe integrated ecosystem caters to the demands of The New Normal. Having a company’s workspace and employee dwelling units in the same building, is a potential solution to settle the work from home vs office debate as it helps retain the best of both setups. Think: Cost Saving, Time Saving and Productivity Gains. Eliminating the need for daily commute not only limits environmental damage caused by vehicular emissions but also opens avenues for personal growth, allowing more time - to spend with family, exercise or indulge in a hobby. At the same time, the workspace zone on lower levels enables a distraction free, collective and collaborative Team WFH setup that fosters innovation and accelerates problem solving.

Materials: Use of a naked material palette is an opportunity to depict passion in making and to highlight the quality of construction. ‘Board-formed Concrete’ is one such finished material that flaunts a beautiful, rich and solid aesthetic, adding depth to the character of any space that features raw modern sensibilities. A solid and honest Clay Pot Filler Slab Roof furthers the raw identity of this design, and is also an alternative construction technique that is cost effective, heat resistant, sound insulating and energy efficient. Assuming a naked form and an unconventional yet simple contemporary aesthetic, the ceiling can also be seen as a minimal light installation that bears function.

Layout and working:  We tried to make an invigorating ecosystem complete with trees and waterbodies inside the building.  Harnessing abundant interaction with natural elements like sunlight, air and plants, the building virtually breathes and operates as an organism. The Courtyard Philosophy is central to this ideation, as it helps achieve two-side open residential dwelling units on higher levels and an invigorating workspace at the bottom, all of which also benefit from efficient air circulation and cross-ventilation, through and through. The open courtyard comprises of a waterbody on the lower level. The dwelling units on higher levels overlook this central courtyard on one side and open balconies on another side. 

Facade: : The facade features a Jaali inspired by Mondrian art that showcases a harmony of contrasts, which is also the purpose that the building seeks to serve. Meant to foster interaction, this hybrid community building displays a playful mingling of the interior spaces with the external environment.  The personality of the building shines through its exterior facade that features minimal geometrical concrete frames - highlighting, mingling with and celebrating the greens that form a part of the building identity.






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