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Raw, dynamic and holistic, this home is designed for the New-Normal, maintaining while segregating the social and private aspects of life.


Architecture + Interiors


Oakville, Canada


A raw, subdued and earthy palette of Bricks, Concrete, Wood and Metal, is used to create a naked composite structure, for a bold yet modest aesthetic. The Living is marked by the welcoming grandeur of a double-height area, enjoying expansive views of the outdoors and a gush of natural light through the glass façade running 15Ft tall, floor-to-ceiling. It further transcends into a lower-level basement equipped with a Study, Gym and Social Unwinding space comprising of Theatre & Bar, to host a more intimate audience. From health to work and play, the Lower-Living is representative of a typical day’s routine fueled within an interplay of concrete and greens.  


The kitchen is selectively concealed, serving as a transactional point for both - Living and Dining, which further opens to an enriching recreational outdoor patio with a lush garden and hot-tub. The staircase structure is form-casted in concrete in-place, and also serves as a sculptural center-piece for the home. In perspective - the juxtaposition of 'stone', a natural material and ‘concrete’, a man-made material - adds depth to the space. 


Contrary to other areas where movement flow is intuitively inviting, the bedrooms by their very placement on a higher level, are private and secluded. Yet they connect with the nature outdoors via 8Ft tall pocket-windows, that slide into the wall, yielding a sense of balcony experience from within the bedroom, while maintaining privacy through louvres.





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