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A space that is pro-collaboration at heart so all areas of work can get inspired from one another, with their synergies aligned towards a shared agenda.


Interior Architecture




Reflecting the brand’s value-system and fundamental thought process, The Trisara Office is all about collaboration, openness, transparency, creative stimulation, individuality, and collective growth; providing a sense of belonging to its users.  What strikes foremost from the vantage point of the entrance, is the space projecting itself as a bold collective mass, before one can focus on the constituent elements or individuals – akin to the work culture presiding here. The working-zone of each individual is independent without being isolated; aided by independent adjustable focus lights and RGB mood-lighting for zonal personalisation. 

An extension to the office, The Light Studio is themed around driving energies with light; since light is as critical to the ethos of a space, as to life itself. Initially, the project was a closed office with windows at only one face of the building. The conception of a Light Studio on the open-terrace, allowed natural-light to have a more creative flow and subsequent impact on the entire space. Alternating reflections are cast via light showers during different times of the day and seasons, through symmetrical crevices carved in the ceiling. 

Many multi-functional elements pull double-duty in the workspace. For instance, the dynamic storage resting at the centre, serves as a table-top/transfer-point for ideas and information flowing through different parts of the office. The partition-wall dividing the Studio from the rest of the office features pivoting white-boards and cork-boards, openable to various degrees, as required. 

The different spaces converge on the terrace, which by its very nature and placement, helps to nurture work-breaks, social-interaction, and collective-rejuvenation. Office accessories are custom-designed and created with upcycled waste material, adding coherence at the minutest level.




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